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Shipping Container House Road Improvement

Samsung develops Transparent Safety Trucks to improve Road Safety

Samsung is working on a new concept that could potentially make driving a lot safer. Samsung shared a blog post about its Safety Truck, a trailertruck that has a wireless camera in the front and four giant screens on the back to display its front view to cars behind it. With this, cars behind the truck will get a better view of what's in front of them, allowing them to make better decisions, especially when they decide to overtake the truck Another advantage of the Safety Truck is that it may reduce the risk of accidents caused.

Koreas onyear job creation grows on the back of improvements in manufacturing and retail sectors

The number of new jobs rebounded in July. after shrinking for the previous four months, fueling hopes of a pickup in the nation's economic recovery. Statistics Korea says,. job growth topped 500thousand in July.from less than 400thousand the month before. after peaking at 835thousand in February. Employment improved particularly in the manufacturing, retail and construction sectors. The jobless rate, however, also inched up to 3point4 percent in July. Young job seekers, in particular, are still facing tough conditions,. with the jobless rate among those aged 15 to 29 standing at 8point9 percent.

BillyOh Georgian 5000 Corner Summer House

Why not take a little time off for yourself with the BillyOh Georgian Corner summerhouse It's a really sturdy construction. We have cladding on the walls that's tongue and groove and on the ceiling and on the floors. And that means you got a really sturdy construction. This is a long lasting wellbuilt premium quality summerhouse. We have double doors so they open right out so the sunshine can stream through as you're enjoying sipping something cool reading a book or magazine. And the windows open right up as well. Oh and you've got a lot of headroom.

I96 Reconstruction Project Maintaining Traffic Mobility During Construction

Music full In early 2014, the Michigan Department of Transportation plans to begin reconstruction and bridge rehabilitation along I96, beginning east of I275 near Newburgh Road and running east approximately 7 miles to Telegraph Road. Based upon more than two years of public feedback, a full freeway closure option was selected as the most beneficial approach to construction. The benefits of closing the entire freeway in the project area include completing construction sooner, reducing temporary construction work and associated costs, providing a better quality product with a smoother driving surface, and improving safety for motorists and workers.

I96 will be closed between I275 and M', and all freeway traffic will be detoured along alternate routes during the 2014 construction season. Eastbound I96 traffic coming from the BrightonNovi area will travel on eastbound I696 to southbound M10. Eastbound M14 traffic coming from the Ann ArborPlymouth area will travel on southbound I275 to eastbound I94, or travel on northbound I275 to eastbound I696 and to southbound M10. Once on southbound M10, traffic will have the option to take southbound M' back to eastbound I96, or continue on M10 to downtown Detroit.

Access to and from I275 will be maintained throughout the duration of the project. Westbound I96 traffic coming from downtown Detroit will travel on westbound I94 to northbound I275, or travel on northbound M' or M10 to westbound I696 to rejoin westbound I96southbound I275 in Novi. Traffic headed for westbound M14 will access that freeway via northbound or southbound I275. Local access will be maintained along the eastbound and westbound I96 service drives, with a minimum of one lane open in each direction throughout the project limits. Local access to the eastbound service drive from the freeway will be limited.

To the eastbound exit ramp at Newburgh Road, while local access from the freeway to the westbound service drive will be limited to the westbound exit ramp from the I96 local lanes at Telegraph Road. Local access to I96 outside the reconstruction limits will be maintained via the westbound entrance ramp at Newburgh Road, and the eastbound entrance ramp at Telegraph Road. All other ramps to and from I96 within the project limits will be closed until the freeway reopens. North and south local access will be maintained at the 37 bridge crossings,.

Port of Los Angeles U.S. Secretary of Transportation Visits Port

Today is an exciting day that we're giving a tour to the Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx to show him our Port and this great rail project, the West Basin Rail Project that the Secretary and the Department of Transportation contributed sixteen million dollars to. This project here is really gonna help transform the Port again and helping move cargo more efficiently to all of our customers. This is a great opportunity for the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to have the Secretary of Transportation, Secretary Foxx, here today so he could see for himself.

Where these federal dollars are going and how they're going to be so important for a project like this on Dock Rail, and this on Dock Rail project is is key to us remaining competitive locally as well as globally Well I think the key when you talk about transportation and it's all it's all right here, you got the ships, you got the trucks, you got rail, you got the roads. This is where it all comes together and this is the starting point for our economy that's what the Port's about. Coming down to this Port really gives him a.

Synthesis of what's really going on in terms of transportation and that's the message we wanna leave him with is that this is the starting point. And if we succeed here,it lays the ground work for success across the country. When I go around the country I see the product of community visions, their todo list, What you want to get done in infrastructure and when you look at this Port, It is the product of many many many decades of decisionmaking to build it to a point where the world comes here.

Creating a connected building in under 4 hours

Today we're planning to install about a thousand ipv6 sensors in this eleven story building now typically just the planning would take two or three weeks but we've literally got to get this finished this afternoon once the plan is completed we've got to start installing the sensors we going to attempt to install 1,000 censors in this building in four hours we hope we're gonna get it done in time we're here today to install 1,000 sensors all are automatically discovered automatically configured and automatically set up with the security key there's nothing preconfigured today.

I think it's a very exciting project we expect to learn a lot about ourselves in the building and about the building itself buildings and assets have become more instrumented than ever before and this is generating a vast amount of data we at IBM are uniquely positioned to transform this raw data into business insight allowing you to make better, smarter and faster decisions all the rooms are coloring by different temperature and I can see how many of my colleagues are inside the particular room but also if the temperature is affected by temperature.

Outside we use this motion sensor if we have a conference room with 12 seats and all we'll put 12 sensors in this conference room and then this way we can see how many people actually use this room predictive analytics is a gamechanger for businesses can in real time optimize their resources their workforce to make their entire operation more cost effective more efficient an automated work order can be raised to take action before a light bulb fails before the air conditioning runs out of gas the workplace of the future is driven by an enterprise asset facility management.

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