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Shipping Container House Victoria

Shipping Container Explodes, Killing Firefighter

About an hour after a fire department began fighting a blaze, this shipping container, exposed to the extreme heat of the burning building, exploded. Tragically, a firefighter was killed. This is what happened. By the time firefighters arrived at this log home construction business, flames had engulfed the main production building. Next to the building was a shipping container in which 16 gaspowered chainsaws, a gaspowered pressure washer, and other tools were kept. Nothing considered explosive, such as jerry cans of fuel or propane tanks, was inside. Knowing that the container was vented and that there were no bulk quantities of fuel,.

The incident commander didn't consider the container a threat. This opinion was shared by several other firefighters and a company director on site. The information was conveyed to the rest of the firefighters. The company director asked the firefighters to do what they could to save the tools. Over the next hour water was directed almost continuously at or near the container. One of the firefighters sprayed the container from a ladder. He noted that there was no steam coming off the container, only limited scorching of the wooden structure around it,.

And that when touched with his wet glove the container didn't feel hot. Some of the roof trusses on the main building were collapsing, so the firefighters pulled back. Shortly after, with nothing further falling, a fire captain and a firefighter moved towards the building, spraying flareups near the shipping container. During the fire, heat had built up inside the container, with some areas reaching at least 200 degrees Celsius. The gas tanks of two chainsaws and a plastic bottle containing about a litre of methanol melted. Gasoline vapour also escaped from the tanks of the other equipment.

Denser than air, the vapours settled along the bottom, too far from the small vents of the container to be dissipated. Without warning, the container exploded. The fire captain, struck by a door, would not survive his injuries. The firefighter was not injured. For weather resistance, shipping containers are designed to be sealed, with only small vents providing limited ventilation. This design traps heat and, in this case, flammable vapours. Being so close to a burning building elevated the temperature to the point that it would only take about 3 litres of gasoline to form enough vapour inside the container to be explosive.

Vancouver receives help for affordable housing from CMHC

Atira Women's resource society has been providing housing to women fleeing violence for almost 30 years. There's actually 2 components to this project. One is the original building, which has been here since 1912. In that building we're housing young women who have been homeless, there are 18 rooms and it's communal living. The second part of the project is the recycled shipping container component. There are 12 selfcontained studio units here. The units are affordable, the rent is affordable, it's safe. Women are not only being able to interact with each other.

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Victoria Ship Weapons Cache

More than 3000 mortar shells and advanced missiles were displayed today on the pier of the Ashdod port Israel in putting a huge effort explaining, invited the media to document what's been captured on the weaponsship, Victoria. The host Israel's Prime Minister. They were all on the ship. But this was also on the ship. This I am familiar with. After the naval commandos boarded Victoria, they arrived here. You can see the pile of containers found here and then in fact you start going through the containers by serial numbers.

By what intelligence gathered, you reach the relevant containers and them you open, and then you know that the intelligence was accurate. There are weapons inside the containers. This is a 120mm mortar shell, Its range is up to 10 KM. And these are the main missiles, the new C704, found inside cases. Six of those were found on the ship, as well as the radar and the computers used for target acquisition that allow the precisionlaunch of such missile towards a vessel or a strategic utility, the oil rig found by the Ashkelon shore. A hit on such rig or an oil tanker docking in the port's entrance,.

Will be considered a strategic attack. All these who attacked and criticized Israel for stopping and inspecting ships en route to Gaza Here is the answer is given here in Ashdod in the simplest and clearest way. Do you read Persian It's got a lot of Persian in it. That's what it looks like on the inside of the container. You can see here, sacks of beans and packs of cotton. And in fact behind these packs of cotton and sacks of beans, when you look inside, cases of weapons, and this is how ammunition was hidden in all the containers.

We need to continue operations in all dimensions air, sea, land, close, far, covert and exposed. Even the flotilla commander we see here. He, too, came to see the amounts of weapons captured. It says Nasser What, you see it Yes, here in the corner. Here you go. This is the model, manufactured only in Iran. You don't need a lot of proof. And today the ship leaves to its original destination, Alexandria port in Egypt. It's a PR effort that in the end its effects are limited, because of Japan,.

Affordable seniors housing solutions in Atlantic Canada

Shelburne is located on the southernmost tip of Nova Scotia, so it's right on the Atlantic Ocean. It's very rural there's about 1800 people in the town. While there was some housing for low income people there was nothing for seniors, and I thought it's such a shame that these people who care so much about their community actually have to leave. I started looking for alternative solutions and sorted out that Atlantic Baptist Housing might be interested in coming, so I called them and asked them and they said, well you prove a need,.

And we'll come. And they did. Atlantic Baptist Housing is a notforprofit charitable corporation it was founded in 1970 to provide seniors housing solutions in Atlantic Canada. We respond to invitations by our local Baptist churches. We have churches in 450 communities in Atlantic Canada. We developed here in Shelburne Harbourside Landing. It's a 40unit apartment building. Two of those are fully accessible and they're well built, and make a nice place to live. After we had established that there was a strong need for affordable seniors housing here, we applied to CMHC.

For Seed Funding to help us begin the project. They used Seed Funding to engage an architect to develop preliminary designs and construction plans. This was important to maximize land use, which in turn improved affordability. We went with Maple Leaf Homes, who built the manufactured units in Fredericton transported them down. They took care of the design, the build, and all of those features, which cut some of the costs out as well. Within six months of starting, we had people living here. And that allowed us to begin to get revenue.

A little sooner as well. At the same time that we were founded, the organization formed the Atlantic Baptist Foundation. They work with us to provide mortgages for buildings. They also provide working capital when we start new projects which allows us to start faster with lower costs on the front end. So we work with the local communities, with banks, and with our foundation to bring the best affordable housing possible. I think that CMHC provided Atlantic Baptist Housing and the local build committee in Shelburne, a different way of looking at affordable housing.

That a project doesn't require a lot of government subsidy to be considered affordable. By building our properties in mostly rural areas, we let people continue to live in the communities they've lived in their whole lives. I wanted to stay in Shelburne but there was nothing available. I'm so happy to be here, and I love this apartment, and I like all the people in the building. Habourside Landing has given people hope, yes. Hope that they can stay in their communities, hope that they can live in a place where their needs are met.

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Welcome to the brain center of Local Removals. Here we have two people working full time who is taking care of the customer's need. Whenever the customer comes in if they come in, in person or they send an email or they call us. There are two people who take care of the customer straight away. We can organize the payment with the bank transfer or the customer can do a cash deposit here or they can also pay via post. So, here at Local Removals we just make sure that the customer is satisfied and the best service is being provided to the customer.

Oriana Lauthier, Owner, Local Removals My name is Oriana Lautheir and I'm part owner of this company. We are enjoying what we do here. We are happy to help you for removals local or interstate. We have fun with what we are doing here and also we resolve the need of the customers. We like to service you and provide you with a good security, therefore we use modern equipment and all our storage facilities are well protected. Our fleet of vehicle varies from small vans to large interstate truck. This way we can accommodate for your need at the right budget. We do a doortodoor service. The same team that will load you will deliver the goods at the other end. We offer full packing service as well as storage facility, whether it is one week or a full year of your storage need.

Container Storage Unit

Hi, my name is Darryl Chafe from Ocean Trailer I like to introduce you to our new Container Storage Divsion Containers available for 10, 20, 40 53 feet All these units are available to rent, buy and lease Container is great for storing materials excess inventory. For your household goods. for your home renovations. They are secured. As we can see we have a lock box unit They are very clean As you can see, it is a very nice and clean container unit The container is vented. We have circulation here.

Midland receives help for affordable housing from CMHC

We're in North Simcoe, here, which encompasses Midland, Penatang, Tiny, Tay and Christian Island. The need was really about establishing a way to respond to people who are in an emergency situation. If they're homeless, if they're at risk of losing their housing, or they're in unsafe living situations, the community needed a way to respond to that. The Alliance to End Homelessness identified the need but also realised that no community partners could take such a large project on, and thus Shelter Now was formed. Hartog House is a 20unit transitional housing complex.

Shipping Container House 320 StudioMX HoneyBox INC. Time Lapse Sept 20 2013

Shipping Container House 320 StudioMX HoneyBox INC. Time Lapse Sept 20 2013,Container house construction, using 3, 20ftHC shipping containers. Built by HoneyBox INC Victoria BC Canada. House is made to be setup on a temporary or..

Zigloo Domestique 5:00 Report-shipping Container House.news of a house made of 20 foot long shipping containers in Victoria BC Canada..

Zigloo Domestique 11:00 Report-shipping Container House.a house built in Victoria BC that is made out of 820 foot shipping containers..

ISBU Aussie Bush Retreat (Shipping Container House).A compact 1bedroom dwelling built using 3 ISBUs 20ft, 20ftHD 40ftHD Shipping Containers and a composite roofing solution called SolarSpan by Bondor..

TRICKED-OUT SHIPPING CONTAINER HOMES : Zigloo Domestique Complete, By Keith Dewey.TRICKEDOUT SHIPPING CONTAINER HOMES Zigloo Domestique Complete, by Keith Dewey Location Victoria, Canada Square Footage 1920 Canadian..

Zigloo Domestique 6:00 Report-shipping Container House.News report of victoria BC residence that is made of 8 shipping containers..

420 Cliffhanger Container House

420 Cliffhanger Container House,Container house being built by container concepts Victoria BC Canada Made from 4 x 20ft shipping containers These are new, used once HC 96 high..

Shipping Container House Sydney City Trip.A short visit to Sydney with a little sight seeing. ebook .buildshippingcontainerhouse Part two of the ebook has not been released yet..

Floating Shipping Container - Project Whale Town - HoneyBox INC.Project whaletown Floating Container Module was built for Ocean Explorations whale watching in victoria bc canada. Uses a standard 20ft shipping container..

My 40 Foot Container Home Www.containerhomes.net.au.chdd.au Shipping container architecture is a form of architecture using steel intermodal containers shipping containers as structural element,..

Hardy Island Shipping Container Beach House.Container home , shipping container cabin, ecofriendly Beach house proposal using shipping containers. ISO shipping containers. Hardy Shipping Container..

Zigloo Domestique Progress - Sept 2006.Progress of the zigloo domestique container house project in Victoria, BC, Canada. A house made of 20 foot long shipping containers..

My Mother Built This House - South Africa.March 2001 Victoria Mxenge was the first of the housing projects founded by the South African Homeless Peoples Federation in the 1990s in Khayalitsha,..

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