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Shipping Container House Williamsburg

Tidewater Virginia Animated Walkthrough SD2013

Introducing Team Tidewater Virginia our team of Hampton and Old Dominion University students represents the Tidewater region of Virginia a place teeming with history, where the sea and land meet. It was on Hampton's campus, under the shade of this tree, the Emancipation Oak, that the Emancipation Proclamation was read for the very first time to freed slaves. Our home, the Canopy House, pays homage to the Emancipation Oak. This great tree epitomizes everything a home should provide a sustainable environment, shelter, and independence. The Canopy House is organized into public and private space, a mechanical room, and.

The DIEM wall. DIEM stands for Data Integrating Engineering and Mechanics, as the entire home's systems run through this main wall to the mechanical room. Structurally, the Canopy House resembles a tree. Ibeams underneath the foundation act as the roots. These roots support the trunk that is the DIEM wall, which supports the cantilevered branches that frame the solar canopy overhead. The Solar Canopy, is an array of 43 solar panels that powers all of the systems that run the house. The panels convert the sun's energy into electricity, which the.

DIEM Wall transports to the rest of the house. The innovative SunDrum system runs water on the solar panels during peak sunshine. This cools the panels down, making them even more efficient. Recycled water from the SunDrum goes into the hot water system. The tank in the hot water system stores excess heat produced during the day. At night, the stored heat maintains the temperature of the water in the tank and warms the house through radiant floor heating. The Canopy House was designed from the very beginning with the principles of universal.

Design and aginginplace in mind. Our design allows people of all ages and abilities to live and play comfortably, safely, and independently. Located inside the home on the DIEM wall is HUEE. HUEE is an interactive, touchscreen and voicecontrolled interface. HUEE displays information important to the homeowner, such as the temperature, weather, energy monitoring, and maintenance. The living room is a versatile space for entertaining and relaxing. The custom designed sofa pulls out to become a bed that accommodates houseguests. The kitchen in the Canopy House features accessible appliances. The dining table can be arranged.

In multiple configurations for entertaining. In the southwest corner, a set of floor to ceiling windows opens up completely to the outside. This provides both natural ventilation and fosters a connection to the outdoors. A barrier free shower, rollunder sink, and grab bars allow both the ablebodied and the wheelchairbound to move around comfortably in the bathroom. Across from the bathroom is the flexspace, a multiuse area that houses the washer, drier, and office space. The bedroom of the Canopy House is a spacious retreat with an accessible builtin closet. On the deck of the Canopy House is a comfortable lounge space. Outside, the DIEM Wall is covered.

Brooklyn Backyard Jungle Urban Gardener tutorial

DENTON TARVER Today on Urban Gardener we're headed to Clinton Hill to visit a backyard that's become a jungle. Wow. So the first thing that really jumps out at me about this garden is this really interesting espalier right here. Espalier is the art of training a vine or a tree, usually a fruit tree this happens to be a pear into a special shape like this. This is a practice from the Middle Ages in monasteries. It's probably related to how Christianity felt that human nature had to be controlled, and so they tried to literally.

Control it as it grew. And now we're descending into the real jungle. You can actually get a sense of the difference in the humidity level from here to the house. So this is one cool thing that I really like in gardens. If you look right through the trees over here, you can see that there's a mirror. The reflection is literally about reflection. And it's a symbolic reflection, as well. So about how long have you been in the neighborhood BILL 24 years. A little more than 24 years.

DENTON TARVER I see. And what was it like when you came here BILL It was, um sketchy, at best. DENTON TARVER Really BILL Yeah, it was a pretty frightening place to be, actually. There were many times when I thought, I can't be here. I can't stay here. DENTON TARVER Oh, really BILL It was that bad. But one place that was always wonderful to be in was this garden. Totally different from the environment on the other side of the house. And I wanted it to be not urban.

A shrub should look like it hasn't been touched. The garden that you see right here was originally my garden. We've expanded to include the neighbors. All these bricks that you see here were in the garden. I always wanted to have a water feature. DENTON TARVER Did you have to dig it out BILL It had to be dug out. There happened to be a lot of stones in the soil around here. But we used those stones to create part of the coping. There's a skimmer box over here.

The water gets pulled in. It goes through to that filter to the top of the stream. DENTON TARVER Oh, OK. And then we start over again. BILL Yeah. DENTON TARVER How long did it take you BILL Oh, it took a couple of weeks. DENTON TARVER Couple weeks. OK. BILL Yeah. DENTON TARVER What's this all about BILL Oh, he's just a Thinker. DENTON TARVER Oh, he's a Thinker. And what about over here We have a Victorian ball BILL Yes. I love these things. DENTON TARVER It's in kind of a disguised.

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Shipping Container House Designs

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