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The Container Store Home Office

Messy Pantry Contest with ColorCoded, The Container Store Whole Foods Market

Hi, everyone. It's Alejandra from ColorCoded Organizing. And in case you haven't seen on Facebook or Twitter, my company has partnered with The Container Store and Whole Foods to try and find the messiest pantry in the Washington D.C. area. So for the next two weeks, we are collecting pictures of your messy pantry posted on our Facebook wall and we're having our fans vote for the messiest pantry. So the pantry you think should win the makeover. The winner will receive a $1,000 in labor working with our team to declutter your kitchen pantry, a $500 elfa gift card to The Container Store,.

Best Organizing Products from The Container Store SelfAdhesive Instant Wheels

Hi everyone. It's Alejandra and I want to tell you about one of my favorite organizing products from The container Store. I have a list of probably about ten or fifteen different products that I always use in spaces that I organize. And one of those products are these selfadhesive instant wheels. I discovered these wheels probably about six months ago when I was just browsing The Container Store and I am so glad I bought them. I went home and I put them on my laundry hamper because my hamper is always so heavy to.

Move from my bedroom to my laundry room. I put them on the bottom, let me show you. Do you see They're on the bottom. There's one in each corner. I don't know if you can see that. Um, but now I just roll my laundry hamper from the bedroom to the laundry room and it's so easy. These things are awesome. They hold up to two hundred fifty pounds and once you stick them to the bottom of any surface, they are permanently there. They're not going to come off. They're not going to peel off.

Spring Organizing GIVEAWAY!

Hi, everyone. I'm Alejandra from Alejandra.TV. And it's time for spring organizing. I'm so excited that the weather is warming up which means it's time to clean out all the stuff from winter, get yourself organized, and get ready for summertime. So to kick off the brand new season for getting organized, we're hosting a spring organization giveaway. So, two lucky winners are going to win free enrolment and my complete organizing program which teaches you how to get organized from getting started to setting up systems, to maintaining the organization down the road.

Get Organized In 2014 GIVEAWAY!

Hi, everyone. I'm Alejandra from Alejandra.TV. And I just want to say happy New Year and wishing you an organized and productive brand new 2014. So to kick off the brand new year, we are having an organizing giveaway. Four people are going to win a program, my complete organizing program which teaches you how to get organized step by step on tutorial all the way to going through the organizing process to maintaining the organization down the road. So in addition to the program, you're also going to get a gift card to the Container.

Rustic Home Office Day 128 The Garden Home Challenge With P. Allen Smith

A 104 degrees is no excuse for us to stop working. Let me show you what we're doing in the home office. They say an ecofriendly house can't be built in a 150 days for $150,000, and I say it can. I'm Allen Smith, join me as I push the limits with time, budget and creativity with the Garden Home Challenge, exclusively on eHow Home. You know, this little space was basically an underutilized asset that we had for the house. We call it the home office. It juts out over that den downstairs. Tony found some flooring, which got us to.

About here, and he just had to add a few extra boards. So we actually had enough for the flooring. So I said Let's go ahead, even though it's not within the budget of the house, let's go ahead and get this finished out. Because, remember, it was already insulated. We just needed to put some flooring down, a baseboard, and the walls. For the flooring, we just went with our 6 inch tongue and groove pine flooring. For the walls, we used that 2 grade beadboard that we used outside in the hall. And we just trimmed it with 1x6s.

Around. Kept it really simple it follows in our farmhouse chic approach. Now, even a farmhouse needs to be tech savvy. So this little home office will be outfitted for a computer and so forth. Now the scale of it, I think, is pretty generous, actually. Because it's 7 12 feet wide, it's 15 feet long, and it's about 7 feet tall here in the center. We've put in floor receptacles here, a light switch and, of course, we'll do a ceiling mount here for additional lighting. Thank goodness we used a lot of insulation in this.

House, because as soon as they kick the air conditioning on, and it can't be any time too soon, this house is gonna chill way down. Now, we don't have any vents in here, but there is a vent here for the heat and air, which can blow air directly into this room. So for it to stay cool or warm, they'll just need to leave this door open. And the door, on the outside, matches our beadboard. And we have the trim just like you see inside this room. So I think it's coming together really well. Now the next thing that we'll.

Favorite Kitchen Organizing Products Clutter Tutorial Tip

Hi, I'm Lorie Marrero and I'm coming to you today from the floor at The Container Store. I'm in the kitchen department to show you today's POP Clutter Tutorial Tip, which is my favorite kitchen products that you can't find really anywhere else. I have the first one to show you this looks like a normal doubledecker turntable, but what's unusual about it is that the top level actually splits and you can have POP tall things here, shorter things here, and really maximize that vertical space in your cabinet. So love.

Turntables. And you can get here one of the largest turntables I have ever seen POP, and it's fantastic for those deep, dark corner cabinets where you can't reach things in the back very easily and you don't have already a builtin lazy susan, you just plop this right in, you can put this under your sink as well, any other deep dark cabinet area, and you can even use this for indoor plants or something like that too so, very useful and unusual. POPThese are vertical sorters. Now, these come in all different.

Shapes and sizes. I have a wood one and a metal one here to show you, but they are taller, shorter, wider, all kinds of variations. And they're great for anything you need to store vertically like cookie sheets or trays or even in an office environment, maybe you have envelopes that you want to separate out. So, these are a great solution, too. Next we have the Magnetic Knife Holder. Now, it says knife holder, but you actually can use this in a lot of different places. So you mount it on the wall and then you can use it in the.

POP workbench area in the garage for tools. You can also use it in a craft room for craft supplies, metal cutting tools, and scissors and things like that. But it's a very utilitarian thing. You just put it up there and slap whatever metal thing you want onto it and it will hold it very tight. POPAnd lastly we have the Lid Maid. Now, I've never seen this anywhere else. I love putting these into kitchen cabinets to hold the lids to pots and pans. And you may have seen this in my other Clutter Tutorial Tip about organizing pots and pans. POP.

It slides in and out of your cabinet and holds all the pot lids up vertically, just like we were talking about, and, you know, it's really great because of the sliding in and out feature, you can reach things easily and installs very quickly as well. So, I hope you like these product selections today. And if you want some more great tips you can go to our free tips page at clutterdietfreetips. See you next time, and may you always be happy and grateful for having more than enough.

How to Organize Batteries Part 9 of 9 Home Office Organization Series

Hi, everyone. I'm Alejandra from Alejandra.TV. And in this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to organize your batteries. Before we get started, if you are looking to begin getting organized, you can check out my free organizing tutorial series on my website, Alejandra.TV. The link is below. OK. So when it comes to organizing your batteries, one of the biggest problems is people need to change their batteries and they can never find what they're looking for inside like their junk drawer or anywhere in the house. So what I've done here to make the process of finding a battery easier is organize all.

My batteries into a tackle box. So I've just used this tackle box here that has different compartments and I've just sorted all the batteries according to what size they are. So I have rechargeable, AAA, C, AA, D, and then all the specialty batteries in the back like all these I don't even know what these are called but specialty batteries. And then I have the rechargeable charger all the way in the back. And then I just use a bright yellow label tape to kind of label the sections. So it's.

Like really obvious what goes where. And then the outside just says battery kit. So it's super easy. This does not take very long to set up at all. And when you go to change a battery, you can know exactly where to find if there were any batteries and then you can know like if you need new batteries. So like I can look here and say, Oh, I don't really have very many like I have one C battery. Maybe next time I'm out, I can pick up some.

How to Create elfa Shelf Labels with Professional Organizer Alejandra Costello

Hi everyone, I'm Alejandra Costello, creative organizing expert from ColorCoded Organizing. And today, I am making elfa labels for one of my client's pantries. So I want to show you a way that you can get creative with the labels in your elfa system. So here, I have an elfa ventilated shelf in platinum. It also comes in white. And something that I always use when I design an elfa system is I always add on these shelf labels. They clip on to the very end just like that and they come with these precut white templates.

Just like this. They slip inside the very front cover. They work great. But if you want to spice up the closet or spice up the system, you can use colored or designed scrapbook paper which is what I always do. So since I am designing these labels for a pantry, I thought it would be really fun to use foodthemed scrapbook paper. So I found this frosting print paper at the scrapbook store. So what I'm going to do is I'm just going to cut out a template with this paper. Let's.

Cut over here. And then we'll use colored label tape to put on top of it just so it's more fun. See It's frosting and it has sprinkles. We're just going to slip it inside just like that. See Look how cute and it's so easy to do. And then now, I'm going to take my label maker. And I am going to use, let's see. Here's my bag of label tape. I carry like six different colors whenever I work with clients. I'm going to use pink since we have like frosting and I think there's a pink sprinkle in there.

Maybe if I can get my label maker shut. There we go. So this is for a snack bin. So I am going to tape a snack bin on my label maker, print it, and then we're going to stick it on the front of the label so in case we want to switch the paper like in the fall if we want to do like apples or something, we'll just switch out the paper and not the label itself. So let me cut the ends off. And then I'm just going to stick it on the very front of the label. See.

Organize Your Bathroom and Create More Storage Fox News Part 2 of 3

Alright, all morning we are showing you ways to declutter and organize your house. I'm actually very organized, just for the record. Are you Yeah I am, it's kind of scary. I am too, sometimes. A little pathetic. Fox 5's Shally Zomorodi in Leucadia this morning giving us tips for the bathroom. Oh good! Hey, good morning everyone! Yes, yes, yes we are in the bathroom right now but not for the reasons you may think. We're actually decluttering your home today. We're invading the home of Lisa Knight who lives in Leucadia and we've done your closet this morning. It.

Looks beautiful. Yes, thank you, I'm enjoying it immensely. And now we are in your bathroom. Now you have quite a few challenges with keeping your home clean. Tell me about that. I own Orange Salon in Leucadia and I'm just about to open another salon and so I'm constantly busy but I'm a little bit anal about my house too pardon the pun with the bathroom, but I do like to keep every drawer really tidy but I have a teenage daughter nail polish everywhere, hands on the mirror, each drawer.

Is so cluttered with hair dryers, brushes, combs, makeup, everywhere. Okay, so we have Kathi Burns. We can let you go now and let Kathi do her magic. So Kathi Burns for Add Space To Your Life, she's the founder. She's like the organizing fairy, magic.I can't even. Let me get up and talk to you Kathi. Okay, tell me a little bit about.this is like one of the rooms in everybody's home, I mean it's dirty. You open up the drawers like at parties, you're like ooh this person's bathroom is dirty.

.and especially with the teenage daughter because teenage daughters don't like to put things away necessarily. Okay, so what are some things that we can do Well my favorite number one trick always is to use these three drawer bins. We always need more drawers it seems like in a bathroom. So take for instance we have pain relief, antacids, medicines and it's all right here stacked so it gives us more shelf space. No matter what bathroom there is, this will always fit underneath the sink somewhere. How much does something like this cost Kathi.

$7 and it's made by Sterilite. I love it, I use it all the time, pretty much in any bathroom because we all need drawers. You could do like eyes, lips, and ears, you could do whatever category you need. Either way you get three categories that are itemized and organized. I love it! Love that, right The second conundrum that I see all the time in bathrooms is the travel supplies. Okay, everybody always has these little freebies right and have a thousand of these and they're scattered everywhere. So you keep a little shoebox, I use the plastic.

Shoebox for this all the time. You see it says Toiletries, the toiletry bag or actually the travel bag sits right on top so as she gets ready to go and travel she can just look in there, refill it and she's set to go. And because it's such a small space you can keep your collection under control. You know how much you have and you don't want any more than one shoebox. And these shoeboxes can't be that expensive $.99 cents. You're kidding. $.99 cents if you know where to go. $1.98 at the very most.

I love it. Labeled and all Labeled and all. Well this helps for the daughter. The labeling helps her know what's supposed to go where. Next up we have the vitamins that everybody takes so they're in the drawer right there. And then make up, and nail polish. Nail polish is general spread all over the house so she has one area to put it in, it's all good. All in these little containers. So coming up in the next hour, Kathi, we are going to go into the room.I think one of the hardest.

Organize Your Closet Fox News Part 1 of 3

Let's put it off! Cleaning and organizing your home. Fox 5's Shally Zomorodi is in Leucadia this morning showing us tips on how to keep it clean and wow, first up is the closet! Hi and good morning everyone. Put your hands up if your house is completely disorganized. Yeah look, all of our hands are up and you struggle with getting your home actually looking nice, looking and feeling good. So this morning we are showing you how to reorganize your home. Obviously you recognize this face, Kathi Burns, founder of Add Space To Your Life.

She's here and we've invaded Lisa Knight's house in Leucadia. We've invaded this so we can reorganize your home starting with your closet. What does your closet usually look like It's a wreck. There's usually shoes on the floor, there's laundry, there's an ironing board, there's a vacuum cleaner a wetdry vac. There's just a height of industry in here. That sounds like my closet. Alright Kathi, help us, help us! So take us in there, show us what are some really easy tips that people at home can do to straighten things up.

Okay well the first thing is you never want anything on the floor. The reason being is that you want to have the floor clean so that you can vacuum. And things that tend to fall on the floor in closets are lost and gone forever and you don't get them anyhow. So the very thing that I did was pick the pile of shoes up out of the broken basket and put them into a hanging shoe basket. This is the size that works great for gents, for women you can see over here we have the smaller sizes and they work great. It's a wonderful.

Thing because you can fit ten pairs of shoes in this small amount of this whole space, 4 inches basically across. Amazing. Okay what else can we do That's the first one. The hamper I always recommend as soon as I see the hamper lid, I take the lid off because what happens with the lid on top of the hamper, clothes get put on the lid and then the clothes don't go into the hamper. So it becomes a little holding zone and everything gets piled on there. So if you have a hamper with a lid,.

I'd say definitely take it off. I know a whole bunch of ladies at home going right now, Yes! Now if we can just get the men to put the clothes in the hamper! And the kids! The clothes in the hamper is a beautiful thing! Alright, got another tip for us Absolutely! We want to hang slacks with slacks, shirts with shirts, coats with coats. The top pole right here, the top shelf is usually not that functional so what you can do with it is you can stack things like the linens,.

Blue jeans that are folded nicely on top as well as sweatshirts. Sweatshirts are bulky and take up too much pole space anyhow. So that's what will happen is when it goes into winter you'll have all the sweaters and sweatshirts on the top shelf. Okay, this looks good. Thank you! How do you like your closet Do you love it I think it's exciting!! Thank you Kathi! Oh my gosh, wait til we get to the bathroom and kitchen! Okay so up next we are going over to the bathroom. I can't wait for this,.

The Container Store Sneak Peek Blogger Tour Reston, Virginia Part 1 Of 3

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How To Organize Photos Using The Container Stores Picture Boxes

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