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7 Super Cool Demonstrations with Liquid Nitrogen

The demonstrations you are about to see are for educational and entertainment purposes only, and are not intended to be duplicated. Get out your container of liquid nitrogen, and grab a box of neapolitan ice cream. This is the type of ice cream that has 3 flavors in one, so go ahead and separate the colors into different containers, and give them a couple of minutes to melt. In the meantime, we'll need to fill a bowl, with liquid nitrogen. This stuff is 321F 196C, which means it well below the freezing point, of your party guests. Now if you try dripping your.

Flavors in, one drop at a time, you'll notice they instantly bead up, and freeze solid. When you've got all the flavors you need, simply scoop the tasty pellets into a serving bowl, and voila! You've got a futuristic ice cream, ready to serve, and enjoy. Load up a bowl with mini marshmallows, and sprinkle liquid nitrogen over the top. The marshmallows should freeze instantly, but go ahead and let them soak for about 30 seconds just to be sure. The end result is a subzero chill pill , that's perfectly fine to eat,.

And lets you see your breath when you crunch into it. Now, if you flashfreeze a larger marshmallow, rather than eating it, try placing it on a plate and giving it a smack. It'll shatter into a thousand pieces. For this trick you'll need a glass bottle with a narrow neck, and a party horn with a little hot glue, added around the bottom. When it gets placed in the bottle, it should make a nice, snug fit. Now carefully pour the liquid nitrogen, so the bottle is a quarter full, followed by a shot of hot water. You can see that when the horn is pressed into.

Place, it becomes a crazy noisemaker, that blows all on it's own. If you get a few of these going, you can really make some noise. When there isn't enough pressure to keep the horns going, try adding more hot water to the bottle, and place a balloon over the top. There will still be enough pressure shooting up, to inflate the balloons, all on their own. It will save you the effort, and the gas inside is completely harmless. Cut the top off an empty soda can, and fill it up with more liquid nitrogen. If you let.

The can sit for a few minutes, the extreme cold, will pull oxygen out of the air, and trap it at the bottom. Now try dipping a super strong magnet into the liquid, and when you pull it out, you'll have liquid oxygen stuck to the bottom. At least until it warms up, and boils off. Blow up a bunch of little party balloons, and soak them in a container of liquid nitrogen, so they shrink down to nothing. Then quickly scoop them all into a bowl, and stand back to watch the magic. Rising from a layer of mysterious flowing fog, your little balloon.

Babies, begin to grow right before your eyes, spilling over and covering the table. They grow up so fast, don't they Fill one of your small balloons with helium, and shrink it down in liquid nitrogen, like you did the others. Scoop it out and place it down on a table to see what happens. You'll notice that after a few seconds, it suddenly pops upright, then takes off like a little UFO. Your friends should be impressed, to see your little creation grow up, and begin to fly. Well now you know 7 different party tricks, with liquid nitrogen. If you liked this project,.

How to Make Dry Ice With a Fire Extinguisher!

You've probably seen dryice before, but did you know you can make it In this project you'll learn how to make some portable and ondemand dry ice using a pillow case and a fire extinguisher. For this project, I picked up this CO2 fire extinguisher from a local fire equipment servicing company. It's a 15lb extinguisher they had sitting in storage, and they said I could have it for free. It even came fully charged with 15 lbs of food grade CO2. Now these are special extinguishers typically found in restaurant kitchens, mechanical rooms, or rooms with.

Sensitive equipment like computers. You can know they're charged with carbon dioxide by stickers like these, or by holes punched in the servicing label. They also tend to have an extremely large discharge horn and no pressure gauges. The operation is pretty simple. Just remove the locking pin from the handle, and squeeze down when ready. The tank is full of liquid CO2, but it comes out as a gas and little chunks of dryice snow. All the residue quickly evaporates leaving everything as clean as when you started. It just makes it a little.

Harder to breathe. Ok, now here's the trick to making dry ice. Take a cloth bag like a pillow case, and wrap it over the end of the discharge horn, pulling up all the loose material, then go ahead and give it a blast. The vapor is really cold, and gets trapped at the bottom of the sack. There's also some dryice sticking to the discharge horn, so wipe that off as you're pulling it out. Alright, let's see what we got. Now it's probably a good idea to be wearing insulated gloves when handling dryice because it's 78C. It is extremely.

Cold, but I found if I move it around quickly enough, it doesn't sit in one place long enough to give me a frostbite. Digging down to the bottom of the sack you'll find larger clumps that look something like a dryice snowball. Now these are sublimating directly from a solid to a gas, so to preserve them a little longer I'm going to transfer them into a little bowl like this one. This should make them a bit more convenient to work with, as well as keep the overall temperature low enough to slow down the reaction. Alright, the bowl.

Is full, and there's our batch of dryice ready for experiments. Using something like the bottom of a glass or a jar, we can compact the snow to make it as dense as possible, then gently set a lid overtop. If you put the lid on too tight, the pressure of the gas will build and blow it off. Let's try the classic experiment of placing a few chunks in a container and adding some water. This is how we get the flowing fog you'd see in something like a halloween witches brew. This can also be poured out for a cascading waterfall.

Effect. And look, there's no mess to clean up. If we add some dry ice to a container of warm water, and screw on a lid with a small vent hole in it, we get a little CO2 geyser rocketing out of the top. Shaking it will speed up the reaction and increase it to a pressure that could possibly be used to drive a small motor. Well now you know how to make dryice whenever you need it, as long as you've got access to a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher.

5 Awesome Tricks Pranks With Dry Ice!

In this tutorial you'll see 5 different party pleasers done with dry ice. 5. Take a flaming candle, and place it down into a container like a bowl or a glass. Carefully pour some crushed dryice, down around the base of the candle. And within just a few seconds, you'll notice the flame goes out, and the gas turns completely invisible. Now challenge one of your friends to try and relight the candle inside the glass. They won't be able to do it and they'll have no idea why. Even after multiple attempts, the flame goes.

Out every time. 4. For this trick, find a block of dryice, and break it into pieces the size of small rocks. Carefully place one or two of the pieces inside of a balloon, and tie it off. You'll notice the balloon begins to inflate all by itself. Now try doing this with a bunch of other balloons and throw them all into a basket. Over the course of about 25 minutes, the balloons will keep growing, until you've got a basket overflowing. 3. Start this prank by opening up a Ziploc bag and adding a few chunks of dry ice, followed.

By a little bit of warm water. Now seal the bag so it's completely airtight, and find a place to hide it. After a minute or two, the bag will be completely pressurized and ready to explode. Who could you scare with this 2. For this party trick, take a large metal spoon and press it down into a block of dryice. It lets out an awful squeal, and people will beg you to stop. You can make a quarter scream the same way. Just lay it flat on the ice, and press down into it. For a bonus trick.

Try sticking the quarter in sideways, it'll start shaking uncontrollably. 1. For this last trick, add some crushed dry ice into a large clear bowl. At this point, try blowing the biggest bubble you can, and drop it right into the center. Instead of popping on the bottom, it levitates around in midair, and will make your friends wonder, what kind of sorcery is this Well now you know a few tricks, and pranks with dry ice, that are super cool, and easy to do. If you liked this project, perhaps you'll like some of my others. Check them.

DIY EOS lip balm peace sign design! EASY

Hey guys!!! So, a lot of you requested me to make a peace sign EOS lip balm, so that's what I'm making today! First, I took an EOS I had an I cut it off with a knife Then I took a needle and I started drawing the shape of the peace sign You can use any picture as your guide. Then very carefully, cut off the shape with the knife be very patient here and if the weather is hot and the lip balm starts to melt, put it in the freezer for a couple of minutes.

So it gets a little bit colder You will get something like this Then, place it in the lid of the container. Then, as in my other tutorials, I placed a heatproof container in some hot water and added two teaspoons of beeswax 5 teaspoons of olive oil, some flavoring and some lipstick for the color. This is the recipe that I use, but check out the description box for more options. Then pour it onto the lid. I used a spoon this time to be more precise Keep it in the freezer for 10 minutes and then squeeze the container a little bit to release your design.

To make the outer ring I cut out the bottom part of the shape with a hard piece of plastic, you can use the knife here, but I feel that the plastic works a little better. Then, as in the beginning, I mixed all the ingredients this time without the lipstick let them melt, and pour them to fill the gap we made. Once it sets, pour the rest of the recipe onto the container part close it quickly and put it upside down so the melted part sticks to the top while it hardens.

Become a Shipping Tycoon Invest in Your Own Container Fleet

In 1913 Aristotle Onassis was importing tobacco into Argentina from Turkey. By the age of 25 he was a millionaire, but soon realized that the shipping companies were making more money shipping his tobacco then he was selling it. So in 1930, Onassis purchased his first ship, and started on his way to becoming the richest man in the world. In the 1950s Onassis built the world's first supertanker. By shipping oil from Saudi Arabia to Europe and America at half the cost, he became the RICHEST man in the world.

In 1956, Malcolm MacLean invented the shipping container which revolutionized transport and world trade. The container opened the door to the huge profits of the shipping business, to the private investor. Today the low cost of a shipping container has opened up this massive market to anyone who has 4,100 USD to buy a container. Private investors around the world, who own containers receive passive or unearned income by owning and leasing containers to Pacific Tycoon. Lease and EARN with Pacific Tycoon, and enjoy the finer things in life. Head to PacificTycoon to start your own fleet and Join the Tycoons!.

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