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Turning A Shipping Container Into A House

Sand Island shipping containers turned into homes

We're beginning to get a better picture of what the temporary homeless housing facility on Sand Island will look like now that the first container living units were installed today. KITV 4's Ashley Moser shows us the latest additions now on site. NAT beep beep The wait is over. the first look inside the shipping containersturned home s is here. These pastel yellow and orange shipping containers are the first living units installed at Hale Mauliola on Sand Island. Their meant to help combat Hawaii's housing epidemic. NAT 3741 click click.

Moving second one back One by one they're put in place taking up two 8 by 20 foot spaces on this one acre lot. NAT on floor 3714 plopped down City officials say both units are ADA compliant and each can house two people. Ed 2955 BY THE SURVEYS WE HAVE TO ALLOW FOR ACCESSIBILITY FOR THE HANDICAP PEOPLE AND WE KNEW I LOOKING AT THE POPULATION OF THE HOMELESS ALL OVER THE ISLAND. 3007 The project a little over a year old was put on hold until this summer.

Because of questions about the land. Ed 2747 THERE WERE SPECULATIONS BEFORE THAT THE SOIL WAS CONTAMINATED SO WE WAITED FOR THE STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH TO TEST THE SOIL. 2755 The results nothing beyond the allowable limits for hazardous material. So crews cleared the overgrown brush added a fence and these light poles. Standup Ashley 5310 CREWS HAD TO ADD ABOUT 6 INCHES OF GRAVEL TO LEVEL OFF THIS AREA AND TO ADD A PROPER STORM DRAIN. THE GRAVEL USED. 5522 IS RECYCLED ASPHALT PAVING COLLECTED FROM ROADWORK.

AROUND THE CITY. 5529 The material makes for mobility so crews can move the containers if needed. By December there will be 25 of these, half offering 3 bedrooms and the other 2 bedrooms. Each one is insulated and coated with heat resistant paint to keep occupants cool. Chris 4747 IF YOU'RE OUTSIDE IN THE SUN AND IT'S 90 IF YOU GO UNDER A SHADE TREE IT'S 85 WELL WE'VE GOT SOMETHING HERE THAT'S EVEN BETTER THAN THAT. 4756 Container Storage Company of Hawaii fitted the spaces with code access.

The Container Diaries Episode 1 Trailer Pilot

Feels great! hahaha. Excited! it's going to be the first time seeing the container i haven't seen it yet let's check it out the point of this documentary, is to give everybody the first hand view of what it's like to start this project from beginning to end she's on a time limit i've been researching tiny home projects for the last couple of years and realized there are a very limited amount of DIYs available online there's always tutorials the finished product what they used, what they got but i was the only one ready.

British Gas Sustainable Energy Space

I love the stand, I love the natural wood and the fact that you can see all the bits where you're saving power like the cup of tea and stuff like that and all the power saving things. It's good they've got the colouring for the children so at least the adults can have a chat and the children can be out the way. So it's quite good that. I didn't know too much about what British Gas were offering, but I've realised they're offering a lot to the public to kind of save energy.

Sand Island homeless units taking shape

Could be housed in shipping containers at Sand Island by Thanksgiving. The city today pushed ahead with a contract that will add 62 housing units. KITV4's Catherine Cruz has details on this key development for the Homeless in Hawaii. The city's homeless village at Sand Island is very quickly starting to take shape. Crews are laying recycled asphalt the first step to making this test project affordable. The next step will be to bring in power. sandy pfund 1845 1852 One of the key issues we wanted to address at this.

Site is the heat and the ability to keep and containers and the the living areas cool as possible, The first batch of shipping containers being manufactured on the mainland will start arriving in Oct. THey will have insulation, screens on doors and windows and a special paint on the roof to cool things down. And there will be a shade structure as added relief from the sizzling sun. As for restrooms. Ed Manglallan Deputy Facilities Maintainance 26 40 2649 The bathroom facilities will be an 8 by 40 trailer. The.

Trailer has four separate showers, toliets and sinks, All will be wheelchair accessible. And the contract calls for wastewater removal daily. A total of 25 containers will be split with either three singles or two couples in each container. The structures are to arrive in phaseswith the last batch arriving in December. First take or 1051 1056 56 or 1146 1153 As you can see things are just starting to take shape here but the administration already has plans to expand this facility adding 100 beds next year..

Im Giving Away My Tiny House

Hey everyone It's me, Rob Greenfield, and I am Here at the Teeny Greeny This is my little teeny tiny 50 square foot tiny house that I have lived in off the grid in San Diego for Just about 1 year now It's been an incredible experience I have found that the more simply that I live the more freely I live but I am taking it one step further and on my quest to live simply I am giving away my tiny house and I figure what better way to.

Use this bad boy as a tool for good than to auction it off and give 100 of the proceeds to build tiny houses for the homeless the winner of this place will simply donate the bid to a nonprofit and then this will be my gift to them So let me show you the inside This little guy is very very small infact it is even a little bit too short for me to stand in and I'm about 5foot10 it is a simple plan With a shelf for storing a.

Little bit of stuff, a futon for sleeping and reading, and an LED bulb that is powered by portable solar panel on the roof. The solar panel can also charge up your cellphone, bike lights, computer, or whatever other little things that you have. Since I am moving closer to a life of nonownership most of the little possessions can be included. If someone wanted to jump right in and live here the house is on a trailer and it is a very smooth process to take it to a new location.

Here is a couple ideas of how you could use the tiny home first of all you could do what I have done and live off the grid in the city or in the country all you would need is a composting toilet, a rainwater harvesting to collect water for drinking and a cooking stove of sorts another thing you could do is you could put it in your back yard and rent it out so that way you could reduce the cost of your rent. Or you could stay in it on the weekends and rent.

Your house out. That way you could either live rent free our at least reduce your rent drastically. You could also turn it into a little kids play house, it would be kind of an expensive kids play house, but a fun one and a good story or you could turn it into a guest bedroom for the people staying at your house and another great idea is that you could give it to somebody who doesn't have a house those are a couple of ways that you could put this thing to.

A beautiful beautiful use The auction will take place at 3 o'clock in the afternoon on January 29th that is a friday on my facebook page via a live tutorial you can go there at 3 o'clock and make your bid or if you would like to do it before then go to robgreenfield.tvcontact and send me an email through there the bid is already up to $2000 and if you want to learn more about the auction or the tiny house go to robgreenfield.tvtinyauction and all of the information will be there.

These people live on the oldest vessel on the eastern seaboard OffBeat Spaces Tutorial

VICTORIA MACKENZIECHILDS Ahoy, my name is Victoria MacKenzieChilds. And my husband Richard and I are the proprietors, I guess you'd say, of Yankee Ferry, our boat and our abode. Welcome aboard. We've owned Yankee for about 12 years, and every day feels like another adventure because it's closer to nature than living in an apartment or a house in a way because even parts of the boat that we're living on are out in the winds. And I just love that feeling. We even have chickens and animals on the boat.

And they have their quarters. And so we have fresh eggs in the city every day. And that's really funny to me. Most of the things that you see around are things that we've made. And being sculptors, we know how to work with every material, from steel, to wood, to anything that we would possibly need to do to keep her pulled together. It really needs us as much as we need to her. She's the oldest vessel in the whole Eastern Seaboard that's actually floating. Most boats don't make it this long.

So this is the crew quarters, and now it's practically like an apartment. It has a tiny little space for an icebox and microwave oven. This bed is an example of what the beds were life that came out of the side of the hull. So that used to sleep 16 crew members. So just imagine what it would be like hearing all those people snoring in the night LAUGHS, swaying with the boat. And then the master stateroom, which is where we normally reside, with bunks for our grandchildren when they come visit.

So they think it's normal. They've only always known that their grandparents live on a ship. And here is the salon. And the salon is pretty much the way it would've been 100 years ago in that it was just an open space, just like this, exactly the same. On a ship, a bathroom is called a head, but it has shower. It has a big old clawfoot bathtub, which we tease is our whirlpool, or our jacuzzi because on a windy day, if you fill it up with bubbles and water it's slopping all over.

The place like it's made to bubble up around you. And it's really a fun place to have a bath. The galley is one of our favorite places. It's quite large, actually. It's probably as big as any country kitchen would be. There's something about hunkering down around a cup a chowda in Yankee that really, to me, brings us home. So we have everything that you would call home right with us, especially the heart. ERIKA STORM WASSER Love home and design Make sure to subscribe to SPACEStv on YouTube.

COMET the tiny house on wheels OffBeat Spaces tutorial

MARIAH Hi. My name is Mariah, and this is my tiny house on wheels, the CEMET. Come on in. MUSIC PLAYING MARIAH So here we are in the CEMET, a costefficient offgrid mobile eco trailer. This is my tiny house on wheels. I live in it fulltime. And I travel with it quite often from place to place that I'm going to be living for a couple weeks, doing info sessions, teaching workshops, just showing people that they can live in a different way. This is how one person is doing it.

So a lot of the stuff you see in the CEMET is either recycled materials original to the trailer itself. Where I couldn't find recycled stuff, I used sustainably produced products and building materials. All of the framing had been destroyed by carpenter ants. And even though the interior and exterior skins looked OK from the outside, it was pretty much destroyed underneath the first layer or so. My kitchen is fully functional. In order to keep my electric load down for the PV system, I opted for a hand pump faucet.

It's also traditional to the 1960s trailers. It's called a rocket pump. So over here, we have the dining area. We have this table. It actually folds down, and then this whole area becomes a bed, you know, if you need a guest bed or something. So what I'm sitting on right now looks like a couch, but it is also my bed at night. During the day, it functions as couch. I can sit down, read books, watch movies. When I'm not using it, or I just want more space for.

Relaxing, I can have it out as a bed, and two people can sleep here. And then during the day, it's my little office. I have my mirror here. I have storage for clothes. All of these shelves move around up and down. They can be out of the way, and I can hang a fullsize dress. Otherwise, it's usually folded clothing storage and hooks everywhere for hanging jackets and sweaters up. This is my bathroom, just a composting toilet. You can use the liquids to fertilize plants without composting, and then the solids can be composted and.

Then used as soil. You don't have to live in a trailer to do that. You can do that in your house or your apartment. In addition to all that, I'll have 555 watts of solar power powering this thing. It really does become this really intense expression of yourself. And I think that that's what's so interesting about small spaces, tiny houses, custombuilt houses and spaces that people live in, is it's this expression of the person's personality in an architectural and design form. ERIKA STORM WASSER Love home and design.

My 50 ft Off the Grid Tiny House

Welcome to the Teeny Greeny My name's Rob Greenfield and this is my off the grid, in the city tiny house adventure Today I am going to show you the inside and if it looks small that's because it is small but there's room for two So come on inside So this is it This is all 50 square feet of it I bought it for $950 used on Craigslist I can't quite stand in it and it's just a tad bit too short but the great thing about that is that keeps me outdoors.

Which is what I want life out of doors everything you can see inside here is really simple.the interior decor and everything has cost me less than a couple hundred bucks Probably. Using places like Habitat for Humanity for the paint and the flooring Thrift stores for things like the blankets Craigslist for the futon for example that cost $75 the lighting is a solarpowered light from the solar panels on the roof it's just a 3 watt LED light bulb these candles are from a Big Lots dumpster and the baskets that hold my clothing.

Are also from a dumpster It's pretty darn simple in here what I do is I spend my time in here sleeping, reading and cuddling with my girlfriend and one of the ideas of having a small house is that this way I can't own too many material possessions So rather than having a big house that has everything I could possibly need inside of it I live in this tiny spot which actually forces me outside to go into my community to do things that get me immersed in the world.

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